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    LiquidPlanner is project management software founded on the belief that even in the face of complexity, uncertainty and constant change, project management should be simple and effective.

    Dana Silverman, Online Marketing Manager at LiquidPlanner manages lead generation and is responsible for paid media across more than 10 channels, website growth and optimization.


    Once someone became a lead in the LiquidPlanner system the team had no insight into how they moved through the rest of the funnel on their way to becoming a customer. There were various campaigns that were driving a ton of leads, but the marketing team had no way to know the source of the opportunities.

    “We needed a way to get accurate ROI and to have insight into what was driving sales, not just top of the funnel leads,” says Silverman.

    Bizible came as a recommendation from Aashish Dhamdhere, the VP of Marketing at LiquidPlanner (Dhamdhere had previous experience and success with Bizible while working at Apptio).


    The marketing team has used Bizible to plug blind spots in its data. Campaigns that were previously thought to be successful, were discovered to not actually be driving opportunities or revenue.

    “I am now able to see what is driving the most SQLs, Opportunities and Closed-Won deals at the channel, campaign and keyword level,” says Silverman.

    This has allowed the team to optimize its marketing spend.

    Specifically, Silverman says by using Bizible data the team was able to remove $30k/mo in budget from underperforming channels and reallocate those funds to campaigns that are driving revenue.

    They’ve also combined Bizible data with Marketo to trigger email drip campaigns based on various Bizible touchpoints. That way, the right content is sent to the right prospects based on where they are in the funnel.

    Silverman says Bizible has provided invaluable insights that have changed the way the team manages its channels, which has made him a better partner to the sales team and a better employee to the company.

    Beginning with the implementation of the software, to the ongoing customer support LiquidPlanner has received after onboarding, Silverman describes Bizible as “world class.”

    “Post-sale support has been the best I have experienced with any vendor I have had a business relationship with anywhere.” 

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