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    "Without Bizible, it would take us months to prove the success of our efforts or make sound arguments to shift budgets toward more profitable channels.” - Jenn Kloc, Sr. Marketing Manager at Jellyvision

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    What happens when the the most engaging employee communication platform in the universe joins forces with the leading tactile marketing automation solution and the world’s best B2B marketing attribution software? Magic, that’s what. And trackable returns on investment that reach beyond the stars.

    But how did the magic happen? Let’s dive into what Jellyvision needed, and how PFL and Bizible were able to serve— not only Jellyvision’s individual pain points, but also as joined forces that helped elevate the campaign to unprecedented levels of success.


    Jellyvision is an award-winning technology company whose interactive software talks people through important, complex and potentially snooze-inducing life decisions - like choosing a healthcare insurance plan, saving for retirement, or navigating a leave of absence - in simple, fun and engaging ways.

    Jenn Kloc, Sr. Marketing Manager at Jellyvision, wanted to target key accounts with highly personalized content that spoke to their specific, industry-related benefits communication pain points.

    The team decided to kick-off an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign that targeted 70 HR director-and-above contacts at 31 accounts. Since ABM was a new venture for Jellyvision, they needed a way to easily track and report success to make sure it was worth the effort.

    They had decent idea of how effective offline marketing spend was, but it was a huge, manual process: updating reports, tracking down missing information, and other time-consuming legwork. And when they ran these manual reports, they could only track revenue against one marketing channel at a time. They defaulted to tracking against only the first touch, which meant the marketing team didn’t get full credit for the investments they made.

    The Solution

    The cornerstone of the campaign was a 6-week, 3-touch direct mail program executed through PFL’s TMA? solution and revenue attribution reported by Bizible.

    Each direct mail interaction was synced to a Salesforce campaign with Bizible touchpoints, which allowed Jellyvision to see how direct mail was influencing opportunity creation and revenue.

    For ABM campaigns – especially the way we built our ABM campaigns with a heavy direct mail component – this is absolutely critical because it helps us see an accurate picture of our ROI,” said Jenn. “Direct mail is costly, and for us it is effective. The TMA?/Bizible software combo let us see that very clearly.”

    To date, the pilot TMA? campaign has converted 52% of the accounts it targeted to an opportunity. Since the team was able to report such a high success rate, they quickly developed two more ABM campaigns that followed the same structure, targeting another 484 contacts at 156 accounts with different industries and pain points.

    To date, across all three TMA? ABM campaigns Jellyvision converted 33% of accounts to opportunity, with a 3.56x ROI against marketing spend and a projected total ROI for the year of 5.4x. And because the ABM campaign was not the first touch on any of these accounts, without Bizible, the marketing team would not get any ROI credit against what they spent.

    “Without TMA?, we couldn’t dream of doing big, personalized direct mail marketing campaigns at scale,” said Jenn. “And without Bizible, it would take us months to prove the success of our efforts or make sound arguments to shift budgets toward more profitable channels.”



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