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    "With Bizible, I can measure performance (pipeline and revenue generated) and optimize on the fly.” - Joey Ta, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager

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    OpenDNS, now Cisco Umbrella, is a cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet, wherever users go, by using the internet’s infrastructure to block malicious destinations before a connection is ever established.

    Joey Ta, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at Cisco, is in charge of executing and optimizing online marketing campaigns for bottom of the funnel metrics.


    Joey wanted to tie LinkedIn marketing campaigns and ad creative, to pipeline and revenue, but couldn't using the LinkedIn Ads platform alone. He’d spend hours manually linking specific content and creative to open opportunities within Salesforce.

    “This takes me a ton of time and I'm not able to optimize on the fly like I would want since I have to export and merge two data sources in Excel and manually analyze the data that way,” says Joey.


    Joey wanted a solution that could accurately track LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and allow him move him out of Excel.

    The team implemented Bizible and has been optimizing campaigns for pipeline and revenue ever since.

    “Using Bizible to measure LinkedIn is extremely helpful,” he says. “I'm now able to quickly optimize creative and report on performance at the end of each quarter.”

    Joey and the Cisco team are hoping that LinkedIn Sponsored Updates will allow for view-through ad conversion tracking in the near future, but says at this time the only thing he’d change is to implement Bizible sooner.

    “Using Bizible is a must for anyone who wants to measure their LinkedIn ads down to pipeline and revenue generated. I wish I had started using Bizible earlier!”

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