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    Extending Live Chat Support to Olark

    By Dave Rigotti
    Feb 11, 2014
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    We are to announce that Bizible now supports OlarkWhen a new lead is created in Salesforce from Olark, Bizible appends relevant marketing information to the lead, such as how they found your site (including paid channels), what pages they’ve viewed, and other information.

    Here's what one customer of Bizible and Olark had to say:

    “With Bizible and Olark, we're able to have direct conversations with potential customers and see exactly how they found us and what their interests are. This information helps us tremendously and we can use the info in real time to help us understand the prospects needs. We also go analyze the historical data to see what’s working so we can invest where it will do us the most good.” - Bob, Tovatech

    Olark Bizible

    Installation is incredibly simple. Once you are a customer of Olark and Bizible, just contact us to enable the feature.

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